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Come face-to-face with endangered species

A Journey of Your Wildest Expectations

Culture is people. We take you to areas to explore and immerse yourself in the cultures of people and their surroundings. Experience unforgettable cultures and animal encounters on African holidays and safari tours.

We offer an exciting variety of travel options including journeys of a lifetime or sharing moments in the form of storytelling. We’ve also visited all the destinations we sell between us, and we are experts in creating tailor-made African safaris, research studies for students, and wilderness and wildlife tours for both individuals and small groups.

Do not hesitate to reach out to us for a customized trip. We plan it your way and we promise what we can deliver.


See what trips others have gone on. The variations within time, place, and focus can provide a framework.



Our locations are as varied as can be with options to see plains, mountains, deserts, forests, and beaches.


Customize Your Trip

Know what you like in a trip and be ready to let us know. That way, together, we can craft the perfect itinerary.

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