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Safari adventures that make your heart beat faster.

Discover nature up close

Experience unforgettable animal encounters on an African safari or on a wildlife tour. Explore the fascinating landscapes and immerse yourself in the timeless cultures. 


We offer an exciting variety of travel options including journeys of a lifetime or sharing moments. We’ve also visited all destinations and are experts in creating tailor-made African safaris in the wilderness plus wildlife tours for both individuals and small groups.

Experts in Bespoke Travel

Your booking experience


Pick Your Safari

Look at the variety of locations and animals listed here to get a feel for the type of trip you want.


Choose Your Lodging

There is a range of accommodation facilities from luxury safari tents, concrete cottages to standard rooms. Select from a variety of these facilities and enjoy comfort on your vacation.



Customize your vacation to suit your timing and length of stay. We shall be at your service at all times.


We'll Take Care
of the Rest

After we hear your preferences, relax and let our guides outline a custom trip that highlights your wishes with the combined strength of our knowledge
of the area.

Wild Life

The wildlife viewing is superb throughout the year. The grassy plains and regular rainfall supports a huge population into attracting many predators.


Animal behavior is attracted by plenty of food—especially browsers and grazers. This is what results in migrations and an example is Wildebeest and Zebra migrations in Masai Mara - Serengeti conservation areas of Kenya and Tanzania. Our experienced guides will further go into the details of these behaviors of nature (Flora and Fauna).

Old Globe
What our guests say about us
“Thanks to everyone at Nature Safari Focus, you created our perfect Holiday! You are simply the best!”


"An adventure off the scale - a place of experience that makes your heart beat faster."


We got a ring-side seat to document worthy wildlife encounters around the pearl of Africa."



Why Choose Us?


Expert Guides

Our expertise is based on our past experiences as Guides. We affirm to you that we have been there and we shall take you there to experience the wonders.


Customer Service

We are tested, given the fact that we have been guiding for a reasonably longer time. We dig deep into guests' expectations and work towards satisfying them.


Sustainable Practices

Like our name suggests, we labor so much to keep our natural habitats intact by targeting the young generations as future stewards of these habitats.

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